Temple Shalom Sisterhood

Board Members

Laurie Ward, President                           Sheila Honer, Past President                                                    Bobbie Guseman, Vice President         Meryl Chiarello, Member at Large                                               Cookie Brenner, Secretary                     Irene Klein, Member at Large                                                  Maryann Lempert, Treasurer                  Wendy Margulies, Member at Large

Dear Women of Temple Shalom,

I am very honored to be serving as your President for the coming year. I am looking forward to uniting     the women of Temple Shalom as we join together to support and serve the needs of our congregation    and our greater Jewish community.

Your Sisterhood Board has been hard at work planning a variety of programming for all of us to enjoy.     I encourage you to become a member of this diverse group of dynamic women serving the needs of       our congregation and making great friends along the way. Your commitment to Sisterhood helps us to    give back to Temple Shalom and the community. Sisterhood membership is open to any woman who     is committed to the goals and objectives of Sisterhood, the congregation, and the Jewish Community at   large. Sisterhood not only needs you, but wants you!

Please contact me for further information regarding membership, ways in which you can become       involved with our organization and to share your ideas and talents regarding programming, fundraising     and social events. I look forward to working with you to support our synagogue and strengthen the bonds of our Jewish community.

Our Membership Application is available on line. If you not yet joined, please complete the application   and return it with your membership dues.

Your volunteer and financial support will help us make a difference!

Please join Sisterhood today!


Laurie Ward, President                                                                                                   laurie0153@gmail.com                                                                                                                                         Phone:843-347-3114