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Friday night Shabbat services start 7:30 PM               followed by an Oneg                                                   Saturday services start 10:30 AM

Services held at Temple Shalom                                   4023 Belle Terre Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC  29579                             843-903-6634

Temple Rabbi David Weissman

Temple President Lily Ann Revitch


 If you want to expand your knowledge of Judaism and start to build a Jewish home library, the following are some books I would recommend you purchase:

Jewish Literacy by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin -- If you want to have just one book in your home which explains Judaism in an easy-to-read, complete manner, this is the book to buy.  It discusses the Bible, Jewish history, American Jewish life, anti-Semitism, Jewish texts, Jewish ethics and basic beliefs, Jewish holidays, Jewish life cycle events, the synagogue and prayer in a very thorough and comprehensible manner.  And the author has a good sense of humor.  You probably won't read the book from cover to cover, but if you ever want to look up something about Judaism and find an answer you can understand, this is the book to have.

Living Judaism by Rabbi Wayne D. Dosick --  This book, available in paperback, is a guide to Jewish belief, tradition and practice.  It deals with many of the topics in Jewish Literacy (above), but in not as much detail.  It is much shorter than Jewish Literacy   and can be read from cover to cover.

Biblical Literacy by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin  -- The Bible can be a tedious and difficult book to read.  In this book, Rabbi Telushkin discusses the Bible from beginning to end in a clear, easy to read fashion.  He summarizes the text  and gives a lot  of explanations and background information.  You can read the book from cover to cover or you can use it as a reference when you want to look something up.

Kosher Jesus by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach -- An Orthodox rabbi who is the author of well over twenty books, including a very popular book entitled Kosher Sex,  Rabbi Boteach, in this book, tries to emphasize the common ethical and moral teachings that unite Judaism and Christianity rather then the beliefs and practices which separate them.  He points out the Jewish roots of Jesus' ethical and moral teachings.

The New Encyclopedia of Judaism by Geoffrey Wigoder (Editor-In-Chief) -- This is a scholarly one volume encyclopedia dealing in detail about all aspects of Judaism.  It is not a book for leisure reading.  But if you want a very comprehensive reference book about Judaism to keep in your home, this is a book to consider.

Have a wonderful summer.  Remember  that weekly Friday evening (7:30 P.M.) and Saturday morning (10:30 A.M.) services continue throughout the summer months.

Rabbi David Weissman                                                                                                          


Dear Members & Friends,

As I write this message I am preparing  for a well deserved vacation. I will then be ready for our congregational meeting on June 7th. We will head into out twelfth year as the Reform Temple in Myrtle Beach. This will also mark the end of the second year that we have occupied our own building.

When we formed Temple Shalom it was quite clear to all of us that it would take time to establish ourselves as a vibrant place of worship and as a gathering place for those Jewish families that wanted and needed a reform congregation . I can say with great pride that we have done well in serving our community.

As I look ahead, we must ask what will the next six years be like ? Will we gather to celebrate our "Chi Year" . This is the time to prepare for the next number of years. We will need people that will take up the Gauntlet put on the Mantle  of leadership , as much as I and our wonderful board have served this Temple we must reach out to other members in the next few years to become our leaders.

Please don't think the task is to great for you, each of us have our own style that is unique to each individual, Your way of leadership may be just what Temple Shalom needs.

The work of our hands and the blessing of our minds, is great, the will to do so is even greater. I pray that Temple Shalom will continue to be an even greater Synagogue in the years ahead.  I will always be proud  our begins and our accomplishments. I thank each of you for the support you have given to me this past two years.   Each of you have become my friends and my family, thank you . 

Lily Ann Revitch                                                                                                                     President Temple Shalom